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Historic reconstruction or re-enactment is a cultural activity based on the reconstruction of past lives, recapitulating events and objects of a particular moment in time.

Nemesis SCCL has been part of the  Jornadas Internacionales de Reconstrucción Histórica TARRACO VIVA (Tarragona) from its very first edition in 1999. Tarraco Viva is a historical festival exploring ancient Roman history, currently rated as one of the most important in the world in both visitors and the quality of its acts. 

Nemesis SCCL has applied its in depth knowledge of history and archaeology to create activities and performances both rich in detail and historical accuracy, centred on the daily life and religious practice of the ancient Roman world, .  As for the festival of TARRACO VIVA, we have also designed activities for families and groups for the summer program known as TARRAGONA HISTORIA VIVA,  which has been taking place in the monumental area of the city  since 2012. 

These historical recreations bring these magnificent spaces back to life linking tourism, culture and leisure. The visits to the city of Tarragona with Roman characters and the re-enactment of gladiators fights in the amphitheatre, have become an attractive and stimulating way to present the city to tourism, business and incentive trips alike.